About Us

Houston’s Premier Latin Dance and Entertainment Company


Culture Beat Entertainment, founded in 2009, has quickly grown as one of the top Salsa dance companies in Houston, TX.  They are very well known in the Salsa dance scene, putting on performances and instructing classes all over.  They have the largest and most reputable youth Salsa dance program in Houston.  Their philosophy is to dance outside of the box with grace, technique, energy, and style.  They are well known for their original choreographies and captivating shows.  Specializing in Salsa, Mambo, Cha Cha, and Bachata, they also infuse their performances with other genres of dance to add interesting twists and surprises.

Students enjoy learning in Culture Beat’s classes, where everyone has fun and is challenged to do their best.  The directors, Hector, Sarah, and Claudia Vazquez, are some of the few instructors in Houston to be certified by the Texas Association of Salsa Instructors.  They have many years of experience teaching other students to do become the best dancers they desire to be, from a beginner just starting out to an advanced dancer looking to win a competition.  You can be assured that you will learn from some of the best and most qualified Latin dancers with Culture Beat Entertainment.

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5535 Richmond Ave
Houston, TX 77056